demented projectionist
Monday, June 30, 2003
  dreams are an interesting phenominon. so is spelling. but on dreams, they are often fantasies, things you want to happen, have happened, or are going to happen. 
Wednesday, June 18, 2003
  ok, so why is it that when you are out of town, you notice all these little things that screw with your mind and keep it where you wish it wasnt at the time. such as i was in wichita, and all i could do is think about shelby because of little things everywhere. now, this is a good thing, but i went to wichita to get my mind off of everything. to relax a little if you will. but no, the fates cant let that happen, lets put little reminders all over a city 2 hours away so that all he does is think about the one problem he has right now...and how it could possibly end what is the greatest thing of his life...or on the other hand, make it stronger. but just cuz he doesnt wanna think about it, were gonna make him. oh well, cool stuff happened. 
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